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Johnny Moss Was A Poker Legend And WSOP's Oldest Bracelet Winner!

Johnny Moss was a professional Poker player and gambler who was born in 1907 in Marshall, Texas. As a young man in Dallas, Texas he interestingly learned how to gamble from a gang of cheaters. They initially showed him how it was possible to cheat at games, however this was not his style, and he put this knowledge to a better use.

Still a teenager, Johnny Moss armed with these facts from the darker side of the game would secure a job from a local saloon, here he was hired to watch over the games to ensure they were all played fairly. He was soon to learn the strategy of becoming a winner legitimately and two year later on, would become a rounder, a player that travels the breadth of the country looking for Poker action, wherever he could find.

In 1949 Moss was involved in a five month long Poker marathon. This "heads up" event with player Nick the Greek was organised by Benny Binion and he walked away with winnings of between $2 - $4 million. Many say this where the original inspiration for the World Series Of Poker would later come from.

The game became the subject of a book entitled The Biggest Game in Town, by Al Alvarez, and soon became one of the best known stories of the game. However a more recent book by Steve Fischer called Showgirl Stories, claimed that reports and stories surrounding this tournament never actually appeared at the time, only to emerge after Nick The Greek had passed away.

The organizer Benny Binion would never ever refer to the game and when questioned about the event would claim he simply had no recollection.

Johnny Moss went on to play at every WSOP event from 1970 right up till the 1995 World Series. He won a total of nine WSOP bracelets ranking him overall fifth only behind fellow Texan Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey each with 10, and Phil Hellmuth who won 13.

He won a total of $834, 422 in tournament winnings and his peers voted him the 1970 champion. He still stands as the WSOP's oldest bracelet winner to this day. Whether this record will be broken anytime soon remains to be seen, along with winning another 8 bracelets as well, one would have to conclude its remote!

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